Here is a list of other works I have contributed too.

A Chimerical World: Unseelie

Edited by Scott Sandridge, Seventh Star Press


‘The Yielding’ was picked up by Seventh Star Press for inclusion in their anthology

‘A Chimerical World – tales of The Unseelie Court.’  Think all Faeries are like Tinkerbell? Guess again. Nineteen stories about the bad folk who live under the hill. They don’t think like humans… Available in ebook and paperback.

Stories for Home

Edited by Sally Swingewood and Debi Alper

3D-Book-SFHeditedMy short story ‘Mayflies’ appears in the anthology ‘Stories for Homes’, all proceeds of which go to the housing the homeless charity, Shelter. Available in ebook and paperback, this is a 500 page bargain featuring some great literary talent, from established and up-and-coming writers. And that short story cannot be read anywhere else 😉





A Test of Time

Edited by Vanessa Wester

3D-Book-ATOTeditedCharity anthology A Test of Time featured my story Needfyre. This is a great anthology with some fabulous stories for both adults and older children. My personal favorites are ‘Ascent of Man’ by Matthew Willis, ‘The Orphan Pods’ by Britta Jenson and ‘Sea change’ by Kaz Ginnane. The anthology is set around the theme past, present and future. All proceeds go to the foodbank.




Reading is Magic

Edited by Vanessa Wester

3D-Book-RIMeditedReading is Magic is a collection of children’s stories, suitable for 6-10 yr olds but enjoyed by many adults too! My stories, ‘Mangoes’ and ‘No one Rides Red Horses’ are included. Best of all, the proceeds from this book go to the NSPCC, a very worthy cause. Available on kindle or in paperback at and