Fan Fiction

So I have delved a bit into the world of fan fiction, which might seem counter-intuitive since I am a published writer . I can assure it isn’t. It’s a great way to write without the sort of pressure you put on yourself when you’re writing for publication, among other things.

I most write cross over fic with M.E. Vaughan’s work (or War of the Worlds fan fic – if that interests you feel free to have a gander on


A Harmatian Winter Carol 

I wrote this crossover Unveiled / Harmatia Cycle fic for Madeleine as a Christmas present and she had kindly given me permission to share it. It’s set roughly after ‘I Belong to the Earth’ (and after our joint Fan fic efforts ‘In Other Worlds’) but before ‘The Sons of Thestian’. Please note that all characters are mine, unless they are the creation of M.E. Vaughan, in which case I have permission to use them for this story.

Amy is keen to see Zachary again after her accidental trip to Harmatia, especially since it’s Christmas. She persuades Emlynn to open a portal between worlds with disastrous consequences. Meanwhile Zachary is not feeling the festive season, despite Rufus’ best efforts…

Enjoy 🙂

A Harmatian Winter Carol